Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love v/s Attraction!

A sweet kind gesture, a warm smile, and a lil more attention and we gals fall flat on that cute guy we have always looked at from the corner of our eyes! But we gals, we better beware! Not always, these cute looking guys are “in love” no matter what they say and claim.

There is a very easy guide I have come up with, that shall surely help you distinguish between the guys you hand around with loves you or is it merely Time Pass. Watch your step dahlings, you might else end up being hurt.

This is what GUYS do in different phases i.e. Love and/or Time Pass:

Love: will call you with your name usually, unless in a very mushy mood
Time Pass: will never take you real name unless there is fight. From shona to baby to sweetie = all of it, is you!

Love: Limited respectful PDA
Time Pass: PDA knows no boundaries (ofcoz he doesn’t really care)

Love: would insist on meeting your friends, to know you more!
Time Pass: would insist on meeting your (female) friends only and would start to flirt with them instantly (esplly the pretty ones)

Love: would be interested in knowing everything you do through the day!
Time Pass: would be interested in knowing what you doing when you are talking and when the next meet can happen!

Love: he’d have a choice in seeing you in a certain attire / get up and shall love some of them more than the others
Time Pass: he’d like everything you wear and would fanatically like every picture you put up on FB, no matter however unlikable it is!

Love: would want to hear your voice once a day at least, no matter how hectic the day!
Time Pass: would be around only when they need someone to talk to!

Love: would be on his toes to make you meet his family (At least some members, if not all at a time)
Time Pass: you wouldn’t even know his family details – meeting is a distant dream (yours) nightmare (his)

Love: would love to talk to you, listen to you, and spend quality time with you
Time Pass: would only love being hanky-panky around you

Love: physical intimacy comes along naturally as comfort level increases
Time Pass: emotional blackmailed physical intimacy – making it the yardstick of comfort level (the most dangerous one, don’t EVER fall for it)

These are the basic indicators...else every word he utters and every move he makes can be measured -observed and judged...so when it is a new relationship, please keep you eyes, ears, mind and GUT feelings' switch open ....to avoid getting miserably hurt...


  1. hehe.. very apt and it was an awesome read.. all the points kept in mind ;-)

    1. thanks gal!!! ofcoz we know the points you see ;)

  2. Well Krish, I have been your friend for a quite a long time and you know how much close / Similar our thinking process is.
    However, at this point of time, I don't thoroughly agree with your observation.
    Yes, I do believe guys take girls for a ride but if that is the only case (to be thought of), then it is not entirely true. Seeing the statistical analysis of India for the past 5 years, the situation is changed(at least the report says so :P).

    But before I proceed with my analysis, I would like to create some Cordial atmosphere for myself before I get badly hit by all the girl readers.

    Point 1: I am not being male chauvinist
    Point 2: I myself am a happily married guy (Love marriage of course)
    Point 3: I know more than 15-20 (guys n gals in total) close ppl who have suffered the trauma of breakup resulting from time pass relations
    POINT 4: I, professionally, am a Research Analyst and am supposed to do Market research on any damn topic of the world (This one included).

    Of my observations... Outputs are totally different than u my Krish dear...

    1: A guy flaunting in front of ppl for his gal does not ALWAYS mean that he is doing time pass
    2: Guys prefer their beloved one to be called with a nickname, rather than real name, as it creates an improved bond of affection.
    3: A guy does not "ALWAYS" wish to know what the girl is doing for the whole day and prefers to get the summary over a short conversation. (Reference: It is genetic in males since it dates back to pre-historic times when men often used to stay away during the day for hunting, fishing or farming).
    4: A guy won't take girl immediately to his core family, unless he is 100% sure that the girl is apt for him. (Reference: Again dating to the genetic structure developed since pre-historic times where male species relied more into fights / wars & groupism and trust factor)
    5: Definition of quality time changes from person to person. e.g. For me, discussing about good literature, great music and touring is probably is the definition of spending quality time. Not necessary that it will be same for everybody around me. Similarly, every girl may find a good time in something that not necessarily will be same for other girl. Point being, defining the quality of good time and associating it with timepass or true love it not a valid comparison. We should compare apples to apples and not pears to apples.

    and finally,


    So, I think there should be one another report from you stating, "Guys, be careful... Gals can be like these as well" :)


    1. Hey Alok...

      Well i agree with all that you said...and this was not written taking into account the stats or anything..and ofcoz the tables have turned in many ways but being a gal i wrote what i have observed in guys...only a guy can write how gals behave in different situations...

      and also, these aint the watertight guidelines, they are "purely my observations"! :)

    2. Your observations are interesting. But generalisations are not always true.

  3. i cannot agree more to that one, uncle..but still generally this is seen ... on broad basis! :)