Saturday, May 26, 2012

lost era of MUSIC

a very dear friend recently wrote (or may be i read it recently) about how much lower can bollywood drop!!!! He's written it very aptly and crisply, you can read it here:

It kinda kindled my thoughts and even i want to say something on the same lines... my 2 year old cousin humms "munni badnaam" & "sheila ki jawani" & "oh la la oh la la" & "chhamakchhallo"... she doesnt know what they mean, she hums them coz the beat is very peppy and catchy...

They (cousin's family) tries to keep her away from TV as much as possible, but in a joint family with other 8 members around, what can you not expect and thanks to the vacation, the TV is always on, either the kids or the ladies or the senior citizens are watching something or the other... When i hear her sing these, its awesome at one hand for the kiddie language you get to hear and disgusting on the other hand that at this tender age, look at the kind of songs these kids what that they dont know the meaning yet!

Not only kids of this age, even the schoolers are all about the dances (i would call them raunchy dances) by Kareena, Katrina, Mallika, Maliaka, Vidya and many more.... their dressing, their dancing, their expressions, their "patli kamar" inspires them and ofcoz the song itself..even a school going kid of around 8-9 or 10 years wouldnt understand much of what these songs mean, esp. when its a pun...but the peppy music and glamour effect allures them and they are all about it...

It scares the shit outta me actually...where is the generation heading?

 Katrina in Chikni Chameli: "jungle mein aaj mangal karungi, bhookhe shero se khelungi main".....

Vidya Balan in Oh lala oh lala: "chhuna na chhuna na ab main jawan ho gayi"

Katrina Kaif in Sheila ki Jawani: "i am too sexy for you main tere haath na aani"

its not too long back, in mid 90s, there was a song featuring Karishma Kapoor with lyrics like "sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole" and with immense pressure from various walks of society and several debates, the lyrics were finally changed to "baby baby" in place of "Sexy sexy"!!!!

And things are only getting worse each day.... recently a movie "Tezz" featured an item song by Mallika Sherawat called "Laila".....the lyrics were something like "do you wanna get hot, do you wanna get wet"!!!!

I mean, is this what we want from the Film Industry??? Is this what we want our kids to see and grow up with? These songs should either not be made (but thanks to our fate, its Democracy, they will forever be made), they should in that case, be only limited to theaters...not be all over the place on internet and TV and promos... 

In the process of becoming more open about the genres, the Film Industry has stooped down to the lowest it the lyrics, the clothing, the scenes in the songs and everything about it has gone from bad to worse and it is only killing our younger generation and forcing it to become something it is not!!!

Quality Music is a dream in today's date, either there are Hinglish songs that make no sense or there are these 3rd grade item numbers that can kill you and make you feel disgusted...sitting with family and watching television has become awkward coz of these raunchy numbers...

Bollywood seriously needs a change and the people in it only can bring it... else bachi kuchi izzat bhi gawa denge!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Life -- as SHE knows it!

My life suddenly got a new meaning...and who gave it? A young free spirited girl, in her mid teens.. A cute face, soon to be pretty, a smile that never fades, pair of eyes in a search, lips that are always humming a song. When you see her, you would be like what a serene – cute looking – happy girl…totally in here own little happy world that has no qualms, no sufferings, away and devoid of all pain and agony!

But can we judge the book by its cover? Not really! As I began to read her layer by layer, I realized, there is so much hidden in her heart that may be my whole life would fall short to understand or imagine what living hell her life is!

Abused; both verbally and physically by her own mother & younger sister, almost every other day for almost everything she does. Parents don’t live together, they live in different countries. And she is more attached to her daddy, and that’s her sin.

Family is where we learn to love, to cherish, to trust. Family is where we are protected, nurtured, given strength, given courage. Family is temple of love, faith, empathy, compassion. It teaches us the values of sacrifice for loved ones, the importance of cherishing relationships, of morals, ethics, the ability to choose from good & bad, from right & wrong. Family is everything for a child who is yet to go out and see the world. And if this sheltering cocoon is where you are abused and unloved and ignored and neglected and if you are deprived of everything you have and you should be given, then it gets really tough for a child to open up her/his mind and heart to the world and for the rest of their life, they would be tormented by the hatred and pain and suffering and agony they have been gifted by the people who are connected to them by blood. A bond, which is the strongest bond ever!

But this little female out there, is so full of life, even after being in hell since 5 long years. I think of her and my heart breaks into pieces… I think of her smile and pray to the Almighty to take away all her pains and give her the happiness she deserves… I truly and dearly wish & hope & pray to God to preserve her innocence and keep it safe, to make her believe that world is a better place to live, to keep her re-assured that there is love out there for all and everyone gets their share!

True it is when they say, that when God gives you adversity, He without fail gives you the courage to bear it and overcome it, when the time is right!

May God bless her and give her the LIFE as she knows it!

I am Proud of you Kiddo! You are for sure a source of inspiration for all those, who only sulk about problems instead of facing them with all the might that they have, just the way you do it!

Monday, May 21, 2012


We all knowingly sometimes and unknowingly most times, give shelter to a lethal thing in our minds & hearts... It takes the better off us and makes us feel miserable all the time..."GRUDGE"!

We don't really realize it but its only us who creates it...we don't really know it but its only us who can destroy it... Coz nothing apart from the ever so complex human mind coupled with emotions that have had a burnt, can create something as dangerous as grudge...

Very recently I realized that if we really wanna be happy, we need to cleanse our system, our inner system off of all evils and devils that have kept poking us at unwanted places and times...

When we are deeply hurt by someone's words / actions / behaviour .. that's when we let grudge take over our heads & hearts... It crawls within every part of us making us feel more victimized and more guilty than the wrong doer...

Getting rid of your grudge is not easy and not many wanna do it either coz the process takes a lot of courage and of course you need to leave aside your ego and taste the bitter side of the story, for a while, which might linger sometimes... But, don't we get a cavity filled tooth either treated or removed?

This is the same... its like living unloading the unwanted things, shedding the rusted parts and leaving them behind to lead a lighter life -- a happier life... There was this person who hurt me real bad...the kind of behaviour that person posed wasn't something I could tolerate... and things got very messed up! For nearly 6 long months I held an ugly grudge against that person, unknowingly for the most time though....but one day when i realized, that this miserable killing feeling is nothing but my grudge, i so wanted to get over with it... so i decided to meet that person... sounds easy but i had to gather a lot of courage to call and ask to meet. Actually meet, talk without letting the bitterness flow or show...hug and say a goodbye dearly wishing good for the other person....

But the feeling i then had was so if someone took away the curse that was spelled on me...
Today even if i remember that person or the good and the bad moments we had spent together, it doesnt kill comes and goes away like a passing thought...but this one made me realize something very vital and taught me a lesson i ought not forget, never hold a Grudge against does more bad to you than to the other person and seriously, its not worth one is worth so much .... NO ONE!!!!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love v/s Attraction!

A sweet kind gesture, a warm smile, and a lil more attention and we gals fall flat on that cute guy we have always looked at from the corner of our eyes! But we gals, we better beware! Not always, these cute looking guys are “in love” no matter what they say and claim.

There is a very easy guide I have come up with, that shall surely help you distinguish between the guys you hand around with loves you or is it merely Time Pass. Watch your step dahlings, you might else end up being hurt.

This is what GUYS do in different phases i.e. Love and/or Time Pass:

Love: will call you with your name usually, unless in a very mushy mood
Time Pass: will never take you real name unless there is fight. From shona to baby to sweetie = all of it, is you!

Love: Limited respectful PDA
Time Pass: PDA knows no boundaries (ofcoz he doesn’t really care)

Love: would insist on meeting your friends, to know you more!
Time Pass: would insist on meeting your (female) friends only and would start to flirt with them instantly (esplly the pretty ones)

Love: would be interested in knowing everything you do through the day!
Time Pass: would be interested in knowing what you doing when you are talking and when the next meet can happen!

Love: he’d have a choice in seeing you in a certain attire / get up and shall love some of them more than the others
Time Pass: he’d like everything you wear and would fanatically like every picture you put up on FB, no matter however unlikable it is!

Love: would want to hear your voice once a day at least, no matter how hectic the day!
Time Pass: would be around only when they need someone to talk to!

Love: would be on his toes to make you meet his family (At least some members, if not all at a time)
Time Pass: you wouldn’t even know his family details – meeting is a distant dream (yours) nightmare (his)

Love: would love to talk to you, listen to you, and spend quality time with you
Time Pass: would only love being hanky-panky around you

Love: physical intimacy comes along naturally as comfort level increases
Time Pass: emotional blackmailed physical intimacy – making it the yardstick of comfort level (the most dangerous one, don’t EVER fall for it)

These are the basic indicators...else every word he utters and every move he makes can be measured -observed and when it is a new relationship, please keep you eyes, ears, mind and GUT feelings' switch open avoid getting miserably hurt...