Saturday, May 26, 2012

lost era of MUSIC

a very dear friend recently wrote (or may be i read it recently) about how much lower can bollywood drop!!!! He's written it very aptly and crisply, you can read it here:

It kinda kindled my thoughts and even i want to say something on the same lines... my 2 year old cousin humms "munni badnaam" & "sheila ki jawani" & "oh la la oh la la" & "chhamakchhallo"... she doesnt know what they mean, she hums them coz the beat is very peppy and catchy...

They (cousin's family) tries to keep her away from TV as much as possible, but in a joint family with other 8 members around, what can you not expect and thanks to the vacation, the TV is always on, either the kids or the ladies or the senior citizens are watching something or the other... When i hear her sing these, its awesome at one hand for the kiddie language you get to hear and disgusting on the other hand that at this tender age, look at the kind of songs these kids what that they dont know the meaning yet!

Not only kids of this age, even the schoolers are all about the dances (i would call them raunchy dances) by Kareena, Katrina, Mallika, Maliaka, Vidya and many more.... their dressing, their dancing, their expressions, their "patli kamar" inspires them and ofcoz the song itself..even a school going kid of around 8-9 or 10 years wouldnt understand much of what these songs mean, esp. when its a pun...but the peppy music and glamour effect allures them and they are all about it...

It scares the shit outta me actually...where is the generation heading?

 Katrina in Chikni Chameli: "jungle mein aaj mangal karungi, bhookhe shero se khelungi main".....

Vidya Balan in Oh lala oh lala: "chhuna na chhuna na ab main jawan ho gayi"

Katrina Kaif in Sheila ki Jawani: "i am too sexy for you main tere haath na aani"

its not too long back, in mid 90s, there was a song featuring Karishma Kapoor with lyrics like "sexy sexy sexy mujhe log bole" and with immense pressure from various walks of society and several debates, the lyrics were finally changed to "baby baby" in place of "Sexy sexy"!!!!

And things are only getting worse each day.... recently a movie "Tezz" featured an item song by Mallika Sherawat called "Laila".....the lyrics were something like "do you wanna get hot, do you wanna get wet"!!!!

I mean, is this what we want from the Film Industry??? Is this what we want our kids to see and grow up with? These songs should either not be made (but thanks to our fate, its Democracy, they will forever be made), they should in that case, be only limited to theaters...not be all over the place on internet and TV and promos... 

In the process of becoming more open about the genres, the Film Industry has stooped down to the lowest it the lyrics, the clothing, the scenes in the songs and everything about it has gone from bad to worse and it is only killing our younger generation and forcing it to become something it is not!!!

Quality Music is a dream in today's date, either there are Hinglish songs that make no sense or there are these 3rd grade item numbers that can kill you and make you feel disgusted...sitting with family and watching television has become awkward coz of these raunchy numbers...

Bollywood seriously needs a change and the people in it only can bring it... else bachi kuchi izzat bhi gawa denge!!!!!