Thursday, November 9, 2017


It has been a while since i made an effort to revisit the beautiful and sometimes haunting memory lane of my life that define who i am in so many ways. It has been a while since i let my past take over my present and who i have now become, that i had almost forgotten the taste of those bittersweet tears that pluck up in your eyes the moment you think of something that held so much importance for you in the past. Something that you would have thought would be impossible to live without and here you are, having moved on from all that, living a complete different life. May be not as good or as bad in some corners but completely different.

Today was one such day when i let myself get lost in the meadows of nostalgia. Breathing in the freshness of the vivid colours of the memories that flooded and exploded in my head like a rush of infinite sparks. And oh i am glad i did. I had forgotten that at times you need it. You need to remember and reminiscence the time gone by. To let the breeze of good old days touch you and make you feel more alive than you may already feel. Let the crisp memories drenched in your former self whisper to you that its okay. That change is the only constant thing and its okay. You have come far in life and you are in an almost happy place and its okay. Its okay to look back every once in a while and smile at the bygones. Its okay to feel that tinge of guilt or regret for the decisions not taken or the choices not made or those unspoken words or of those frozen tears that were never shed. I think it only makes you stronger.

Letting the tears you have tucked away; freely flow only lightens the burden in your chest and clear your vision. It only helps you feel better about today, take control of yourself and makes you more determined that what you are doing now, where you are now is how it was supposed to be and that you should be thankful. Thankful for all the emotions you got to feel. All the experiences you got to learn. All the events you got to enjoy. All the exploring you got to do while being on this journey called life.

I decided to connect to those lost friends today, the friends that once shaped my life in a way that i never imagined it could be shaped. Reached out to a few that were so close to my heart at one point that i never really imagined my life without them being in it. But things happen, priorities change and life gets in way. We all have our battles to fight, struggles to endure and not everyone can cope with it to always stay in touch with everyone that is precious. But time and again i had this stabbing pain in my heart for the souls i knew were out there, souls who once meant the world to me, souls i knew somewhere in the corner of my heart; missed me as much as i missed them.

And while doing so, i felt a certain calm seeping into me. It made me more aware of my surroundings and where i am, not physically, but emotionally. Engaged my feelings in a way that only i could understand. Something that ebbed and flowed only within me. There was still a friend out there who i spoke with after years but started off where we left it. There was still a friend out there who remembered the way i used to be and how i would have changed with the passing years. There was still a friend out there who admitted to having thought of me sometimes when some randomness triggered a deep rooted memory. There was still a friend out there who knew how to make me smile at the silliest joke made on my expense and even make me cry by saying something unnervingly heartwarming. There was still a friend out there who dint want to hold the hand when i reached out and wanted to stay in the oblivion we all seem to create for ourselves these days. 

By the end of the day, i was amazed how happy i was. I still am trying to figure out what exactly made me so happy but its a strange kind of happy. More of a content kind of happy that i haven't felt in a long time. The kind of happy your romantic relation or your family can never make you. The kind of happy that only a special friend can make you. The kind of happy that anchors you and keeps you going a long time. The kind of happy that makes you want to go that extra mile to stay in touch with those who matter. With those who truly matter - those to whom you truly matter.

And that's what i am going to do. I am going to make Nostalgia my happy place - my go to place when i need to regain myself - my sanity - fighting for something that might not last forever anyway. A place where i do not have to be in mad rat-race. A place that knows me and a place i can call Home ... Away from Home.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Somehow we writers, poets, philosophers, linguists, dreamers, artists and so on .. are obsessed with the theme 'Life'! It's so overrated a topic that somehow it never loses to pique our interests! We just cannot stop ourselves from thinking, writing, singing, painting, drawing, sketching, creating something or the other trying to comprehend or sometimes not comprehend this twisted yet simple and still oh! so complex thing called 'Life'. Never gets old in our world.

So here's another, one of very many i have myself taken in the past decade that i have been actively writing, on Life. Have a look and let me know:


I spelt out my future plans one night
During an intimate conversation with a friend
Never realizing I actually was cracking a joke!
Don't believe me?
I wouldn’t have too; back when I was naive.

But I grew up
And so did my perceptions
Facts remained the same I guess
But some came out of hiding
While some put to sleep forever.

Life is a very funny thing
It can sometimes not be described in enough words
And sometimes cannot be explained
That what is inevitable takes ages to occur
And something so trivial – unwanted – happens at every nook & corner.

No matter what you read, hear, think, say or do
You can never amass enough knowledge
That would make you sail through this ride,
Without pain and dissatisfaction and remorse and regret
No matter what you believe
Life is always a few steps ahead of you
And however fast you run; you will somehow never be able to catch it – at least not in time.

-        PoeticSoul

Saturday, March 18, 2017


I go places when I am sad;
Places that inspire me.
I go places when I feel lonely;
Places that comfort me.
I go places when I feel trapped;
Places that lets me taste freedom.

These places offer me solitude with a grace
An escapade from the mundane
A limitless sky to explore myself boundless

How I wish every time that these places be real
Coz they only are real in my imagination
Some people call it hallucinations
And call me ‘insane’
But I like to think I am a wanderer

With a beautiful mind that can create a world larger than life!

Friday, February 27, 2015


Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Mostly because you know you are not alone and that you have someone with you, by your side for the rest of your life. That is why these days’ people marry unlike in the past when marriage was only for procreation. When love is involved, there is this satisfactory feeling that contents your heart that you have someone by your side to share. Human kind has never really lived fully without sharing. Sharing is one of the ways you can live life to the fullest. Love, faith, trust, understanding etc are surely the basis of any relationship but the reason behind any relationship being formed is “sharing”. Be it sharing joy or sorrow or both.

In a romantic relation be it boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife etc sharing is very essential. Especially in the institute of marriage; sharing is the epitome of any marital life. After marriage, a couple shares everything, literally. This made me to wonder tonight that, once you are married to someone you love; it’s so easy to be ‘naked’ in front of them. Gradually someday, you realize you can walk around without any piece of cloth in their presence or undress or dress up in front of them. The coyness or the hesitation just flies out of the window before you realize and that certain level of comfort suddenly escalates. That feeling is awesome... weird for those who haven’t had many relations before their marriage or haven’t been too physically involved with their husband before marriage.

Even after all of that physical “nakedness” being easy like a cakewalk, is it really easy to be naked mentally or emotionally in front of your partner? Human mind and heart has so many layers to shield it and keep it safe from being vulnerable. How many layers do we really unwrap in front of our partners or let them unwrap the same to know us better or to be our “life partner” / “soul mate” in true sense? We don't do it intentionally though may be but, we keep so much of our life, so much of us, dark and hidden from our partner. And if that is the case, is anyone really anyone’s true “soul mate”? Is that promise “I will be with you in all the bad and good times of life” really just words? Because visible ups and downs of life are very and downs of our mind and heart are uncountable... do we ever have anyone to hold us during those times? We might but don't take that chance because we are too scared... scared of being judged or misjudged, scared of not being accepted, scared of not being “perfect” in the eyes of that someone who we don't want to lose. Or simply scared that the devils of our minds and fears of our hearts might sway us away... or bind us in some chains that we’ll never be able to breakthrough...

It’s something to ponder about... let me know, what you think?

Friday, June 7, 2013


Such a fairy-tale like least for us...the people of this era...

True Love!

Many of us (rather most of us actually), despite all the books and movies and the great love stories that we have grown up with, go on to believe and propagate that True Love is a MYTH! That the happily ever after doesn't really exist. That love at the end is just a compromise or an arrangement that our mind makes to have a companion and end up giving it a socio legal label called "Marriage"!

We have always been hammered with the belief that "True Love finds you"! That has made us believe in destiny more than we should and gradually made us to curse destiny for more than it actually does! In the process of having an illusion or a delusion that destiny does it all, we somehow forgot that no matter how much good or bad our destiny wants to do to us, we cannot forget that we have our part to play... Nothing can actually, really happen unless we put or abstain to put an effort in it...

Today morning, read a quote somewhere, which goes like "True Love is not has to be BUILT"

Get that?

I did not at the first read...but then when I thought about it, it hold the very essence why most love stories end miserably with two miserable people left mourning about how they regret falling in love and all that roll.....
Coz we have been stuffed with the idea that true love finds you or has to be found and you have no role to play coz pairs are made in heaven and only your fate ... your destiny makes it happen...!

But ever did we think that, true love is something we can create? Love doesnt stand has a lot of components holding it to stand strong and it TRUSTING, CARING, UNDERSTANDING, SHARING, SUPPORTING, EMPATHIZING, BELIEVING, and a lot more... No denying that you need to meet that "special someone" with whom you feel that connection...that chemistry that you would wanna take it further with him/her...but then, once you have found that someone, its actually in your hands to make that love --- True! Make it the kind of love that has a happy ending...the kind of love that would last forever and ever... If you put in efforts and make sure you want it to will! And if it lasts, IT IS TRUE! Coz pretense has a very short life...!

So, today morning was special and inspirational...
Thought to share this with you...................

Built your True Love and make it special and strong enough to last forever...and break the illusion that True Love is a MYTH........

I am gonna try my best to make my Love ... a TRUE LOVE......