Friday, May 25, 2012

Life -- as SHE knows it!

My life suddenly got a new meaning...and who gave it? A young free spirited girl, in her mid teens.. A cute face, soon to be pretty, a smile that never fades, pair of eyes in a search, lips that are always humming a song. When you see her, you would be like what a serene – cute looking – happy girl…totally in here own little happy world that has no qualms, no sufferings, away and devoid of all pain and agony!

But can we judge the book by its cover? Not really! As I began to read her layer by layer, I realized, there is so much hidden in her heart that may be my whole life would fall short to understand or imagine what living hell her life is!

Abused; both verbally and physically by her own mother & younger sister, almost every other day for almost everything she does. Parents don’t live together, they live in different countries. And she is more attached to her daddy, and that’s her sin.

Family is where we learn to love, to cherish, to trust. Family is where we are protected, nurtured, given strength, given courage. Family is temple of love, faith, empathy, compassion. It teaches us the values of sacrifice for loved ones, the importance of cherishing relationships, of morals, ethics, the ability to choose from good & bad, from right & wrong. Family is everything for a child who is yet to go out and see the world. And if this sheltering cocoon is where you are abused and unloved and ignored and neglected and if you are deprived of everything you have and you should be given, then it gets really tough for a child to open up her/his mind and heart to the world and for the rest of their life, they would be tormented by the hatred and pain and suffering and agony they have been gifted by the people who are connected to them by blood. A bond, which is the strongest bond ever!

But this little female out there, is so full of life, even after being in hell since 5 long years. I think of her and my heart breaks into pieces… I think of her smile and pray to the Almighty to take away all her pains and give her the happiness she deserves… I truly and dearly wish & hope & pray to God to preserve her innocence and keep it safe, to make her believe that world is a better place to live, to keep her re-assured that there is love out there for all and everyone gets their share!

True it is when they say, that when God gives you adversity, He without fail gives you the courage to bear it and overcome it, when the time is right!

May God bless her and give her the LIFE as she knows it!

I am Proud of you Kiddo! You are for sure a source of inspiration for all those, who only sulk about problems instead of facing them with all the might that they have, just the way you do it!


  1. "True it is when they say, that when God gives you adversity, He without fail gives you the courage to bear it and overcome it, when the time is right!"

    True to every word.
    keep the faith.

    keep it going;)

    1. thanks Charlie.. i hope that lil gal gets the strength to keep it going! :)

  2. Nice write Krish! I hope the same as u do :)

  3. thank you doc!! :) She is one head strong gurl!

  4. She sounds like a brave and strong young girl. I hope she gets everything she's ever dreamed of. She's inspiring people already...a beautiful read :)

    1. thank you CJ! :) yes she is one headstrong girl.. i hope and pray the same...