Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolates & Sharing!

There has been a problem with me as some people say, I just can’t eat chocolates alone!!! I find the whole purpose of enjoying a yummy calorie-full :p bar of mood uplifting chocolate, dead, if I eat it alone! ;)

In my school days, I was called the “chocolate girl” coz I used to always carry chocolates to school and give it away to my friends in the classroom and make sure that they eat it during the class. Esp. in accounts class, poor thing, the teacher was new and dint know any of our names and she was a lil docile. All due respect and apologies to her, we have really had the most amazing times in her class! Studying in her lectures was the last thing we did ;) esp. me, deesha and abina. Those classes and chocolates are where, I got my lifelong friends from.

The “silsila” continued in manifolds in college days. I remember, in my law school days, (2004-2009) there was a friend / classmate / hostel mate called Anna…she knew of this and till the end of the hostel days, if I am not wrong, I never ate a chocolate alone, if I saw her around anywhere….that was fun…the content that I get when I share a chocolate is indefinable!

And luckily this sharing the chocolate craze never really ended. It followed even when I started working. Be it simmi, bhavik, prachiti, charmy, digant and even my boss, loves eating and sharing chocolates!!!! It’s so super fun to have like minds around (esp. for chocolates ;) …)

Sadly, I am a chronic migraine sufferer, and so chocolate is a BIG no –no for me, but who cares, if I crave for one, I don’t think again, I just grab my favorite chocolate (I never had a favorite one, it was always on my mood :D) share  it with someone and relish the chocolate and the moment.

But these days, my hands are tied! I am undergoing a treatment for migraine (Some millioneth time I guess) and for the two months of treatment, I am not allowed chocolates and the restriction is pretty stringent!!! :( So I am off chocolates…but that doesn’t stop me from writing about chocolates, see??? ;)

Was flipping through some old pictures and messages and notes and got to thinking that, is it the chocolates that really lift up the gloomy mood or is it the joy of sharing? But then again, I thought, you would generally wanna share your chocolates, even the favorite ones with the people you dearly love! You would fight over it, have a hit & run ;) {Literally} and sometimes even dearly wish for your sibling or spouse or friends to forcefully take your chocolate or take a big bite of it …happens with me…. I hate it when my dad bites away the end of a Ice cream Cone (as it is always filled with melted chocolate) but sometime when he is not interested in taking that bite, I feel sad and really wish he would pounce on it and eat it away!!!!

So I guess it’s not just the chocolates neither it is just the sharing, it’s both together… it’s about “Sharing the Chocolates”!!! :) I can for sure say that chocolates are no fun to eat or hog  :D if they aren’t shared with people you love!!!

*hoping these two months get over quickly so I can get back to eating & sharing chocolates like before!!!!!*

Thursday, April 12, 2012

System v/s People

Very recently, in November, The Chief Justice of India said a very sensible thing which I thought to reproduce here, in my own way...coz he said something that I have always believed in…

Being a lawyer, my non-lawyer friends and others around always crib, and specifically crib in front of me that our country’s justice system is rotten!!!!! They never tire away from saying things like law in India has gone to dogs…

Sometimes I retaliate aggressively but at times I feel there is no point in doing so and thinking this I just shut up!!!! But when at night, while in my bed, I go back to that conversation or rather that complains and sulking session, I feel as if it’s my duty to rectify them over this misconception!

The system we have, the judicial system that is, is one of the best systems in the present times. Our laws are upbeat and flexible enough and they have been changed with the changing times, both in the written legislations and in the judgments pronounced by the courts (precedents as we call it).

As the Chief Justice of India said:
“India is an aspirational democracy.  It is the shared idea of India to emerge from Society which has individuals of diverse ideologies, cultures and religious denominations.  We must, therefore, identify common strands that will bind us, as one nation and one people.  Unless this is done we cannot build a modern and strong India. In the hierarchy of values, judicial integrity is above judicial independence.  Judicial accountability needs to be balanced with judicial independence.  I would request the Bar as well as eminent jurists to deliberate upon constitutional concepts such as Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability.  We, the Judges, do not mind a studied fair criticism.  However, as an advice to the Bar please do not dismantle an Institution without showing how to build a better one. Please remember ‘When an Institution No Longer matters, we no longer matter.’…..”

It’s not the institution or the system that needs a change, it’s the people and their mindsets to change….only then can better days shall come along…we only need to work for dusting the system and polish it and then the faith in it shall come alive, all over again!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


There are people, with who I share my morning thoughts, together compiled and called "Morning Muses"! Most of my mornings, are filled with a million thoughts running around in my head, some I choose to ignore, some I pen are some that I had decided to pen down...hope you enjoy them....

1. While some things break many of our precious hopes, it reminds us that we must cherish the "now" time coz we might never know when the last moments comes by! :)

2. We may not realize with the fast pace of life that the more things change --- the more they are just the same! :)

3. The greatest & worst time of life ironically is the same. Coz it’s the time when you come face to face with the reality, leaving behind yo impossible dreams! :|

4. The opposite of Love is NOT Hate! Hate is only Love --- gone bitter!

5. Life is both funny & extreme. Once you are very close to a person, life is ought to take you too far from them one day. Avoid the hurt - avoid getting close to anyone!

6. the things that naked eyes cannot see,
Are the most amazing things that can ever be,
So feel them with a pure heart whenever you can,
Coz only these amazing things can set your soul free.... -- Poetic Soul's morning muse

PS: Poetic Soul is my Pen Name

7. When surrounded by unlimited chaos, you can hear the thots in my head loud & clear! :)

8. When you know things at yo end aren’t going okay, it’s better to keep yo mind and mouth shut, anything can backfire, and that can be really ugly!!!

9. Ideally none of us know anything about life or what’s in store next, so it’s better to shut up and jus go with the flow... ♥ :)

10. Till the time you shall not accept who you are, no one else will!

11. Friendship only builds on TRUST which usually RUSTS due to lack of love, care or communication... so u know... ;)

12. Never be too busy to mirror your heart's desire. Be empowered to connect to those who love -- trust & need you...

13. Lil things matter the most- when they can touch a heart than the extravagant ones that are only superficial!

14. Experience speaks volumes, thus mark Poetic Soul's words ----
Never LEAVE:
- Relations half dead
- Books half read

15. The first step to resolve all conflicts is acceptance!!

.......more to come soon!! :)