Saturday, February 25, 2012


Is being alone the only way out?
Sometimes a loud “yes”
Is what my heart and mind has to shout!

Knowing not what tomorrow holds,
Fear wrecks my world,
Making it go haywire in manifolds!

I take a sneak-peak in the past horrors,
It gives chills down my spine,
Making me averse to all the forthcoming unknown terrors!

So I decide to be all by myself,
Not putting anything at risk,
I decide to be my own imp – my own elf!

The beauty of love is a long lost theory,
Today’s reality holds nothing pleasing,
In love’s name – it’s all a mockery!

The music now is just a mere haunting sound,
The melodies have all faded away,
Happy – nice – lovely things have rotated 360 degrees around!

The rain no more gives a feeling so soothing,
Raindrops now instead burns my skin,
Nothing of the magnanimous nature to me is now smoothing!

It all falls hard on me,
It all chases me and hunts me down,
It all burns me to ashes,
It all crushes my very being,
It takes away from me – all that I have ever cherished; all that I have ever nurtured; all that I have ever known to be mine!

I stand here,
With the last wish,
To become one;
With the almighty,
Who is the Supreme Being – the divine formless!



  1. Unless one becomes atleast in some part a poetic soul wouldnot understand the language so deep and so magnificently vibrating.
    I shall remember this poem as I understand the self healing process is working .

  2. self healing you may call it or call it the nature -- the time working its way ... :) thank you Amiyaji! :)