Wednesday, February 8, 2012


a lawyer saying this, should mean something....wrote this one in the early days of my litigation (sometime last year) on a dull sluggish day at the court, while minutely observing things and people around me:

Finely decorated,
With lights and cool air in abundance,
This is a room where sits the king,
The king of justice in modern times,
And his abode called "court room"!

A place where;
People from all over flock together,
To get what they direly need,
Justice - as we know it,
Coz ethically, it’s that one thing,
Which money can’t buy!

Poor fellas!
They know not the harsh reality,
They sit with hopes as high as eagle's flight,
Worn out, tiered, in a miserable plight,
Awaiting the moment when things would change,
And change for better...

But that moment takes ages,
And ages they wait,
Sometimes with patience;
Sometimes in frustration,
But they wait,
As justice is their only bait...

Lights in those rooms go on and off,
The air’s sometimes cool - sometimes just fine,
The chairs rust to dust,
And new sparkling ones adorn the room,
Faces of kings change too,
But one thing never changes,
And that is their wait....

With hope in their hearts,
And aspirations in their eyes,
They still believe in the system,
They still worship the king - Godlike,
They still bow down to this court - room,
Knowing that someday truth will triumph!

"Satyameva jayate" - truth alone triumphs...
And it does!
But a little error here is,
That truth in today's date,
Is different and a farce,
It’s a lie in disguise;
A superficial mask,
That will worn out one day,
Showing the ugly side of it...

And till then,
They will have to wait.
With faith alive and hope intact,
If justice is their only bait,
And justice they shall get...