Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The more things change – the more they are the same,
The crazier it gets – the more you get sane,
The more you think you have no clue – more are the chances that you would win the game,
The more you think your desires are wild – more likely they are to get tame!

Ironies are nowhere – but underneath everything they are there,
However cold a heart may grow – silently it does care,
May be concealed in a million masks – in reality the soul’s forever bare,
No matter how strong the craving for isolation is – we all seek for some place to share!

A bundle of contradictions – that’s what we all are,
We may or may not agree – we all believe that wishes come true when made to a falling star,
Nearer we get to material success – equally from peace we get far,
Massive battles we may win – we can never do away even with a single scar!

This all is a mystery – that will never be solved,
Though it’s been there – ever since mankind evolved,
Around some myths and truths – our lives have always revolved,
So it’s better to let it just be this way – sometimes abused; sometimes adorned with rewards!

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