Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dancing to Life's Tune!

There are parts of my life;
That I want to forget,
There are parts of my life;
That I want to change,
But this world is a bad bad place,
It neither lets you forget a thing
Nor gives you a chance to change...

All it makes you do,
Is dance to its tune;
Till you realize,
You either have lost every ounce of energy;
To dance anymore and fall to die
Or you begin to enjoy the tune and love the dance;
To forever keep moving like that...


  1. You are the author of your life. Know that and you will reclaim your power. You are not a victim. But you will be, until you realise you are not! :)

  2. You are whatever you think you are... think better thoughts and your life will change accordingly.

  3. True...but this is just a fragment of a thought process :)