Monday, July 30, 2012

this NOVEL phase of life

Have you ever felt that suddenly,
everything that was scattered all around the place,
has now started making sense...?

Have you ever smiled all day long,
just thinking about some past conversation you had,
which if asked about,
you wont be able to narrate...?

Have you ever thought about someone so much,
that you start to fall in love
with the very idea of that person being in your life...?

Have you ever hummed songs and when
you find that they perfectly fit the situations,
in your life at a given moment,
and so laughed about it...?

Have you ever had a time when you cannot sleep at night,
just coz you cant stop thinking-rethinking and anticipating,
about how a certain those things will fall in place
and get upset at a moment; fearing it would all fall apart...?

Have you ever wondered,
why a certain someone would become so important to you,
that you would not see your day ending without having spent
some time with them, in some way or the other... ?

All of this a lot more is happening with me off late and i am truly enjoying this novel phase of life!!!