Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I miss my Childhood -- My Paper Boats

Woh Kaagaz ki Kashti.....
Woh Baarish ka Paani......

Gone are those days...!! The amazing childhood days... The utter carefree days!!! When we had to do nothing but have fun...unlimited fun... Nothing to worry about but the homework!! No responsibilities but to make sure the tiffin lasts till the recess... Never-ending tales to tell...of school at home and of home at school...

Childhood was a riot of colours...colours so bright that its luster is still the same...all the memories are etched in our mind and heart, like it happened just yesterday!

That era was a different world!! When things were simpler, people were genuine, friendships were real, worries were meager, love was pure, conversations were not superficial, and praises were not mere words, when money was secondary, when success was one of the many aims, when children were meant to be children, when mocking others wasn’t in vogue!

Today’s world is all jumbled up! It’s as if gone upside down. Doubts reign over faith! Hatred reign over love! Finding logic to everything and then getting nowhere is the finest thing to do. Something that has no meaning is appreciated the most. Men having no values rule the rest of them.

I miss my childhood!!! I miss those carefree-fun filled days a lot... but most of all, I miss them when it rains... no matter where I go, I don’t see paper boats sailing in the roadside water streams... and my heart sinks lower!!! What has this era done to the kids? Where is that innocent childhood gone?

Building sand castles no matter if just a wave would bring it down in seconds after its made, making paper boats; so what if they are soaked in water and tear off half way... all of this has gone!!!! Kids find it “kiddish” to do all this... If only someone can go tell them, they are kids and they are suppose to be kiddish...

I miss my childhood a lot... but sadly and strangely enough I miss to see childhood around me! Even amongst kids, childhood has long faded away...

Yeh Daulat bhi le lo,
Yeh Shohrat bhi le lo,
Bhale chheen lol;
Mujhse meri jawani,
Magar mujhko lauta do;
Bachpan ka sawan,
Woh Kaagaz ki Kashti ...
Woh Baarish ka Paani.........


  1. Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows.
    Ah!! The Famous Summoned By Bells Visited..

  2. :) so true!!!
    thanks for the read and comment, shekhar! :)

  3. Man, I got sooo nostalgic reading this post.
    I wish those days would be back.. but alas!

    Beautiful :)

  4. thanks dear! :) i wish so too... :)

  5. cud relate to it completely.. loved reading it.... great work babe..... :-)

  6. :) thank you so much babes! :)

  7. I miss my childhood too.

    Today's kids are into pc , gaming , mobile phones etc..the kind of fun we had cannot be compared :)

  8. that is so true!!
    our fun was real...these days its more superficial...!!!