Sunday, January 15, 2012

Life is like a Car and you are its Driver!

We are usually tied up with "what life is" in our discussions, debates, books, art and everything that involves brainstorming... But sometimes, we try to compare life with different things to simplify it. Here i am comparing life with Cars. Read on to know how.

Origin of this Thought!

One night while talking to a friend about cars, i said "life is just like a car i guess!"
And he was like "WHAT"?
I too thought about what i just said out of the blue but then was like, i think i am right. He asked "WHY? EXPLAIN!"
And that was when one by one, layer by layer i starting justifying myself and thus came up with this whole idea being really true and logical. It actually made a lot more sense than i thought it did.

Comparison: LIFE & CAR

I never thought i would ever come up with something so strange only to realize that it in reality is not so strange and actually makes sense. Did it ever occur to you that Cars and Life can have similarities? Well, before this conversation even i did not realize this. But read on and you will know what i am saying and i swear, you would not be ridiculed with the thought! There can be many more things you can think of or come up with me. But these are popularly my picks:

A car is at its best only when it is out there, on the roads, on a move! Similarly life is at its best, when it is out there, on a move! Life is not a destination, its a journey!

A car needs Fuel to run. Life needs fuel too. Its Fuels are better known as "aims"; "goals"; "dreams"; etc

Having a car is not enough. You need to know how to take care of it. Even, having a life is not enough. You should know how to take care of your life.

Sometimes when the car is overheated, it would need to cool down and then some water has to be added to it. Similarly when life is over-hyped and stereotyped with dull mundanes, you need to take a short break, and add "fuel" to life.

Regular Servicing and garage visits are a MUST for a car's health? Even life needs servicing too, taking breaks / sabbaticals / changes are a MUST!

Its common to be choosy about your Car's accessories. So time to know, you have to be choosy about your Life's accessories i.e. the decisions about life that would beautify your life, all the more!

If you think you, at all the time, need a spare wheel in your car which can used in emergency or in times of crisis then you are bound to know now that, in Life you always need a back up plan, for emergency / times of crisis.

Its better to know the internal parts of the car and be at least aware of the technical aspects, so that you know your car better and can drive it with more ease. So in that case, you should also try and dwell into the internal layers of life and be at least aware about life rolls on and works.

A Car Driver who knows it the best that when you need to accelerate, when to apply brakes and when to take the car on a reverse gear is the Best Driver, ever! Also in life, the man /woman who knows when to accelerate (move speedily towards the goals), when to apply brakes (to stop / slow down if confused about making a mistake) and when to take it in reverse gear (step back) is the BEST man /woman!

Driving alone gives a sense of total freedom and independence. But having someone on the other seat gives you a sense of responsibility and makes the journey more memorable. In the same way, living Life alone is fun (single-hood rocks) gives a sense a freedom and independence but having someone by your side to share hopes and dreams about the journey you are on, makes life easier and the journey more memorable.

So go on, Life Life KING/QUEEN Size! Its only once.

(c) Krishna Dasani, 2012

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