Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LOst withOut yOu

Running amok,
I know not where to go,
All lost without you,
I know not what to do!

Feeling choked,
I have forgotten how to breathe,
Have a heavy heart,
I know not anew how I start!

Dreams broke,
I have no courage to sleep again,
Tears flow endlessly,
I know not if I can ever see things clearly again!

Your ruthless words,
Have left no faith in me,
All love is washed off,
I know not how to live now!

Running amok,
With a heavy heart,
And a choked breath,
And broken dreams,
Cluttered faith,
Your ruthless words,
Cut deeper,
Every time I think,
Wanting me to die,
Every time I breathe…

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