Friday, August 26, 2011


I look at you,
And I have a million things coming back in just a while,
I see you looking at me,
And I cant help but smile!
Its strange,
How you crave for my one single glance,
Its like,
You dont wanna miss any single chance
There was a time,
When your smile meant everything,
And to see it just once,
I could do anything
But now the tables turned,
Every emotion I had for you,
Has been crushed and churned,
I just love to see your restlessness,
And cant help but flash a naughty grin!
It gives me utmost pleasure,
To tease you with my new avatar,
And make you realize,
From your reach now I am way too far!
For you all that mattered,
Was the way I looked,
So here I am,
Way better than anyone with whom,
You have ever hooked!
I sincerely loved you back then,
But it was never enough,
So here I am,
Try getting to me as much as you can,
But I know in my heart,
Nothing ever is gonna be enough!
Call it being sadistic,
Call it being rude,
But baby Id love to see you regret,
Id love to see you plead,
Coz you not even gonna get near to being with me,
Even if to death you bleed!
© copyright Krishna Dasani 2010


  1. Too much AMERICANIZED English .
    Expect to see pure english next time.

  2. i dont bind myself or my poetry in any watertight frame amiya...i keep it free...