Monday, June 20, 2011

FaNtaSy LanD

I m off to a land,
Where love hails over hatred!

I am off to a land,
Where people dont fool others and thug them knowingly!

I am off to a land,
Where reality is not so brutal!

I am off to a land,
Where friends are forever!

I am off a land,
Where there is still respect for elders and care for younger ones!

I m off to a land,
Where mobs dont gather up and kill or set you ablaze just bcoz you belong to some other religion!

I am off to a land,
Where love is not just a filthy joke!

I am off to a land,
Where families dont shatter easily,
Where people religiously try to sustain their relations,
Where dreams do come true,
Where there is still faith in God!

I am off to a land,
Where it all gets alright in the end,
I am off to a fantasy,
I am off to sleep,
I am off to see dreams,
The dreams that dont make me cry,
The dreams that dont hurt me,
The dreams where I am not lonely,
The dreams where I dont bleed to death,
The dreams that will last forever!

I am off to that deep sleep,
From where I will never wake up,
To see this hurting world,
I am off to a fantasy land,
Thats unknown to me,
But I have a faith,
That it will be better than this world!


  1. :) who wouldn't wanna join?
    thanks for the read btw :)

  2. Very utopian faith .
    You would be hurt young lady.
    This world is very harsh .

  3. i know...but dreams dont think!! :) i know the reality (the harsh one) but that doesnt mean we cant dream of the complete opposite!! thats why dreams are beautiful, aint they?