Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Somehow we writers, poets, philosophers, linguists, dreamers, artists and so on .. are obsessed with the theme 'Life'! It's so overrated a topic that somehow it never loses to pique our interests! We just cannot stop ourselves from thinking, writing, singing, painting, drawing, sketching, creating something or the other trying to comprehend or sometimes not comprehend this twisted yet simple and still oh! so complex thing called 'Life'. Never gets old in our world.

So here's another, one of very many i have myself taken in the past decade that i have been actively writing, on Life. Have a look and let me know:


I spelt out my future plans one night
During an intimate conversation with a friend
Never realizing I actually was cracking a joke!
Don't believe me?
I wouldn’t have too; back when I was naive.

But I grew up
And so did my perceptions
Facts remained the same I guess
But some came out of hiding
While some put to sleep forever.

Life is a very funny thing
It can sometimes not be described in enough words
And sometimes cannot be explained
That what is inevitable takes ages to occur
And something so trivial – unwanted – happens at every nook & corner.

No matter what you read, hear, think, say or do
You can never amass enough knowledge
That would make you sail through this ride,
Without pain and dissatisfaction and remorse and regret
No matter what you believe
Life is always a few steps ahead of you
And however fast you run; you will somehow never be able to catch it – at least not in time.

-        PoeticSoul


  1. I suppose unwittingly you opened up a tremendous philosophical concept. In the matters of existence ( Life ) the so called " I exists" with all our ego , all our emtions, all our consciousness,Our love ,our hate etc in the midst of something called SPACE/AKASH / VOID. That is the phenomenon that continues rest are Impermanent.

    1. Very aptly said but life has a funny way to unfurling itself and every phase/stage of your existence, you will have a different take on life and the greater plan and all that jazz. Guess with time, you learn to unlearn and go with the flow not always wanting to understand something that has anyway always been beyond your tiny self. Or may be not. Guess we will never know for sure.

  2. Bythe way Milton keynes is the place that Geographically is not very far from where I used to live, They called it " Brent"

    1. Oh! Amiyoda .. wasn't aware you lived in Brent. Yes, not very far from here. When was this?