Saturday, October 20, 2012

If Only

IF ONLY...........

These two words, now mean a lifetime to me. I could have never imagined love would knock at my door in such a majestic way. They say when artists n poets are in love, its beauty all the way... May be i dint believe in that until today..! True that, since the day love has decided to stay on in my life, yes beauty has been lingering in everything around me. Love does that to you may be. No matter where you are or what you are doing, no matter how bad or dull the day is, no matter how sickening or annoying the situations are, you are happy from within, if you are in love! Strange as it gets, and as filmy or cheesy it may sound, it surely is the sheer may or may not believe it ...but that's the way it is...

Whoever said love happens just once? How can something so fulfilling and something so beautiful just happen once? Good things come to you in many shapes n sizes, all the time, you just need to make sure you have not shut yo self and you shall never miss it. Its a farce when people say you fall in love just once... Gravity does that to you, unless you have someone to catch you and keep you safe in their arms for the rest of the life, you keep falling in love, again and again and again ... And once you have that special someone in yo life, the magic of life n love makes you fall in love again and again and again, with the SAME person, all  your life... :)

L0ve.. is a crazy wonderful beautiful thing that makes you believe that dreams can come true, that reality can be better than fantasy, that hopes can bear fruits, that desires do have a means to get done, that magic is not just a word! Especially when you get the commendable feeling of "THIS IS IT" for someone and you start to plan yo every move, yo ever action keeping that person in the core, yo world gets a new direction and you get a whole new shiny reason to live and be happier than ever before...!!!

Somehow i feel like i can go on n on n on about love and its great attributes today and the way i feel since a while...but i rest my words here and get back to feeling AwEsoMe


  1. You are an amazing writer. Super-talented. There are things we all feel but it's an art to put them into words. When I read your blog, it brings a smile on my face. Why? Because then I realise, we all go through same things in life - so it doesn't matter :) Jo aaj hai woh kal nahi, jo kal hoga woh parson nahi :)
    keep writing! :)

    1. thank you so much ashtha.. :) true that, we are not alone, no matter what we feel, there are many out there, known -- unknown who feel jus the way we do..!

  2. thank you indeed is a lovely feeling and needs a lift up wish, the way you did! :)

  3. " One majestic small phrase.. I LOVE YOU "
    And it changes everything.... amd you sing " What a wonderful world.

  4. congrats dear.. love is in the air.. i can almost smell it.. my best wishes for you.. falling in love is somethingelse.. you cant feel what it is untill you well.. FALL! :)

  5. cannot agree more, you just cannot feel what it is, unless you fall ;)
    thanks, Deepak! :)