Friday, February 27, 2015


Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Mostly because you know you are not alone and that you have someone with you, by your side for the rest of your life. That is why these days’ people marry unlike in the past when marriage was only for procreation. When love is involved, there is this satisfactory feeling that contents your heart that you have someone by your side to share. Human kind has never really lived fully without sharing. Sharing is one of the ways you can live life to the fullest. Love, faith, trust, understanding etc are surely the basis of any relationship but the reason behind any relationship being formed is “sharing”. Be it sharing joy or sorrow or both.

In a romantic relation be it boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife etc sharing is very essential. Especially in the institute of marriage; sharing is the epitome of any marital life. After marriage, a couple shares everything, literally. This made me to wonder tonight that, once you are married to someone you love; it’s so easy to be ‘naked’ in front of them. Gradually someday, you realize you can walk around without any piece of cloth in their presence or undress or dress up in front of them. The coyness or the hesitation just flies out of the window before you realize and that certain level of comfort suddenly escalates. That feeling is awesome... weird for those who haven’t had many relations before their marriage or haven’t been too physically involved with their husband before marriage.

Even after all of that physical “nakedness” being easy like a cakewalk, is it really easy to be naked mentally or emotionally in front of your partner? Human mind and heart has so many layers to shield it and keep it safe from being vulnerable. How many layers do we really unwrap in front of our partners or let them unwrap the same to know us better or to be our “life partner” / “soul mate” in true sense? We don't do it intentionally though may be but, we keep so much of our life, so much of us, dark and hidden from our partner. And if that is the case, is anyone really anyone’s true “soul mate”? Is that promise “I will be with you in all the bad and good times of life” really just words? Because visible ups and downs of life are very and downs of our mind and heart are uncountable... do we ever have anyone to hold us during those times? We might but don't take that chance because we are too scared... scared of being judged or misjudged, scared of not being accepted, scared of not being “perfect” in the eyes of that someone who we don't want to lose. Or simply scared that the devils of our minds and fears of our hearts might sway us away... or bind us in some chains that we’ll never be able to breakthrough...

It’s something to ponder about... let me know, what you think?


  1. Another very important aspect alongside sharing comes, "Giving"! In any relationship, most important of all, a couple, Giving has to be unconditional and full-heartened always. When the concept of giving becomes your subconscious nature in a relationship, you tend to breakthrough nakedly about both emotional and physical aspects of yourself. To which, years of love and faith bridges "Receiving" from the other end and then passionately confides the Lover! In all forms, at all ages to all levels of abstraction!

    P.S: non-edited version of my straight forward intuitive thought! Love! Keep it up sweetheart!

  2. I do believe that giving (more than the expectation of receiving) is the key to any strong relation but there is an underlined catch here you see... if you are giving in a relation (specifically a romantic / soulmate relation) more than you are expecting to receive to strengthen and deepen your relation, so is the other person (giving more than the expectation of receiving) so it mostly boils down to sharing. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts on this like i said, sharing is happiness !! :)