Friday, November 2, 2012


Another heartbreak !!!

Do i really have to courage to face it, once more, all over again?

I am asking this question to myself a lot often these days...coz i am really really scared of how things will turn out... the countdown has begun and there are just a few days left before things would be actually be decided... 

hEaRtbReaKs are freakin' mad !! aren't they? We all (whether or not we admit) have faced heartbreaks in life at least once...and we all know, they hurt so bad !!

I am looking fwd in life today with dreams that are really colorful and i am really hoping that my dreams come true (very obvious)... but if these dreams DO NOT come true, i shall be soon living a nightmare of my own make .....

And I do not know, if i have the strength to live it... !!!

How i wish feelings had a sort of a switch.. !! you can switch it on or off whenever you want to.. life would be so much easier... !! but again, i think, why do something like that? Life is just once... if you don't live every phase of yo life to the fullest / if you don't feel ever inch of yo emotions / if you don't closely look at every scar the bleeding wounds left / if you don't cherish every joy and every special moment's mesmerizing effect, what life have you lived !!!!


The move you love, the more vulnerable you get yourself... to the pain, the agony, the frustration..but on the flip side, why forget that if you love more... you are more exposing yourself to those you love to love you for you...and coz you make them feel special, do you not feel special yourself? ofcoz you do... its an elated feeling to love someone with all your heart...even tho you know not, what's in store for you... !!! :)

forgetting someone who gave you a lot to remember, is one of the toughest things to do and when such a time comes, that's when you say that you have had a heartbreak

Time and life is uncertain and matter what i think...what i fear...what i wish or what i hope... life has its own decided course and things are going to exactly flow in that pre chalked out manner... but if ...heartbreak is what's in store for me... i wish and pray and hope that i am bestowed with abundant strength... to move on and forget the past....... AS SOON AS I CAN with lesser pain .. and agony...


  1. think positive.. all may go well this time. i pray, i hope and i believe ..

  2. it was a bad day puneet...came n went away...meanwhile, ended up writing this... :)
    thanks a ton waise !! :) i need prayers this time around...

  3. Night stalls in apathy,

    Day starts with sympathy

    Life under friction of stones of mill.

  4. that was a nice one puneet...good going.. :)